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What!!!  Marriage is Trending

Well  “it’s about time”! It is one of the most important relationships you will ever have, and the best advice I can give is, Stop being selfish! If you know you are bad with money and even though they do things differently from you, they seem to have a better relationship with finances than you do, give up the power!! Hand over the responsibility of bill paying, spending, and saving, and be willing to take good advice from your “better half”, cause they got it going on in that department !!  

I know of what I speak because I did it, and things got so much better once I saw things my husbands way, (He’s gonna love this post!). We got so good at managing our finances that we are now debt free!! I’m not bragging, I’m just trying to help someone. I’m so glad I stopped being selfish and put into practice my husbands way of doing things because we still love each other and we are living the life God promised us!

If you recognize yourself in this post, don’t be so stubborn that you continue in the wrong direction just to spite your spouse. Be flexible and be honest concerning your weaknesses and flaws. Things can and most likely will change with your cooperation.

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God ​— ​who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly ​— ​and it will be given to him. —James 1:5

Love, Heartbreak, Love

Love can last a lifetime but sometimes it doesn’t 
Love your husband, love your wife, Learn not sweat the small stuff, like those things that get under your skin for no real good reason! Just love them while you have them with all your heart and with all your patience and understanding. Enjoy every moment with them, adore them and make sure you tell them how much they mean because everything can change in an instant. I sat with a church member and friend as her husband of only 7 months pass over into eternity. They are a young couple and James had only been sick a few weeks. My heart absolutely broke for her. On my ride home I thanked God for the time they had together and I asked Him to help her deal with the extreme pain that she is and must continue to endure.
We all believe our love is forever when we find our true love and I believe it can unless one of those lives is taken, we can be together and in love forever, it simply takes lots of love, honor, patience, kindness, and understanding but more than anything we can do, it takes a true and Unwavering faith in God to help us when times get tough.  

Please pray for Dionne and James’s family.  

We are different, but We are still family

 I have always wondered how kids with the same parents can be so different.  Although I love my siblings, we are not extremely close.  My oldest sister who has always identified as “The black sheep” of the family went so far as to move to the midsection of the country all on her own years ago but even as teenagers I never allowed her to get too far from me.  I’m that one who makes sure to always keep in touch.

Well that same sister recently had a heart attack and has since passed away.  I’m okay because I know I did my part in keeping a relationship with her.  I always told her that I loved her, and I made sure we talked pretty regularly, as a matter of fact the day before she went to the hospital we spoke and she was so excited about finally learning how to text on her new phone.  I laughed because she really had not gotten the hang of it (so cute).

I said all that to say,  no matter what the circumstance, family is just that “family”.  Don’t allow arguments, differences or misunderstandings to keep you from communicating.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to say “I love you”, “I’m sorry or “I was wrong, forgive me”.  Don’t wait to show your loved ones you care, even if the issue hasn’t been totally resolved.

 If you love them, tell them while you can, because living with the guilt of being too stubborn to talk or even to tolerate them because of your differences may be more than you can bare if they are suddenly taken from you forever.

Luke 17:3-4 So if your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke (tell) them and if they repent, forgive them.  Even if they sin (offend) against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying, “I’m sorry”, you must forgive them

Matthew 6:14-15. For if you forgive others when they sin against you (offend ), your Heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others their sin, your Heavenly Father will not forgive you sin (offenses) against Him!

Love , No Regrets

Even the best relationships have moments of anger, hurt, and disagreements.  It’s during those moments we must be slow to respond to the situation, take a long cleansing breath and react kindly because you can’t un-speak harsh words or un-do hurtful things once it’s done, it’s done!  

Let It Breathe

I know I’ve said it before and I will continue saying it! “No relationship will last without good communication”. I have come to recognize the older my husband and I get, the more.we are changing. If we are still adjusting our behavior for one another after 35 years, you must understand, especially if you are just starting out, you’ve got to “dig in”, and be committed to putting the work into your relationship which  it takes to sustain, nurture and grow a loving relationship for years to come.

Do not assume anyone knows how you feel, talk about what annoys you, what troubles you as well as your likes and dislikes. Work through your differences, leave no room for misunderstandings.


You Can’t Help It, Really

You know how you tell yourself that you’re going to control your emotions, you are going to control your mouth  but when they say that or when they do that thing they do that gets on your nerves, you lose it!   Your tongue begins to spew angry words you later wish you could take back but it’s too late.   I know because I struggle with controlling my emotions just as you may but  I have found a better way to handle those issues, those raw emotions concerning myself, my weaknesses and my flaws.  

The only solution is to ask God for help with those things we are not able to control on our own.  We must learn to trust God to do what we can not do on our own.   After all,  He made us, He knows more about us than we ever will.

It’s so easy to forget to pray about our flaws, our weaknesses because we are tricked into believing that we can handle it,  not true!

I heard someone  say, “I feel as though God has given up on me”.   I instantly knew it was an excuse to do what she wanted to under the cloak of,  “I’m just not strong enough to resist sin”.  I quickly responded to her words with, ” God will never give up on you,  we don’t give our every weakness to Him”.  His word is clear,  that if we call on Him in our moment of weakness,  He will deliver us! !  I know it’s true because I’ve done it time and time again.   When we do wrong,  most of the time, it’s basically because we choose to do it,  it feels good,  or it satisfies our need in the moment . 

Deliverance only comes when we listen  to Gods voice of reason.   It’s a simple thing and we all have experienced it.  A thought or an actual small voice saying;  “Don’t say that” , “Just get up, walk away, it’s not too late”, ” let it go, they don’t know any better”  and so on…  That’s the Holy spirit attempting to lead and to guide you!

It’s critical to obey the voice of the Lord because every decision we make has an affect on the rest of our lives.  It may not be immediate but pay attention and you will see that a decision you made got you to that very moment in life

My grandmother taught me when I was very young,  “God is everywhere”. He sees all and He knows all.  I thank God that I took her words  literally.  It kept me from doing many things which could have changed my life until I acceted Christ as my Savior.   Even though God is not right here physically, He is spiritually everywhere at the same time, after all, He is God!

” I will not leave you,  nor will I forsake  you”, Deuteronomy 31:6

” No weapon formed against you will prosper”, Isaiah 54:17

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,  Philippines 4:13

Parenting, Its work and it pays off

Today 33 ago,  I gave birth to a lovely little “Chocolate drop’ we affectionately call “Candy”.  She has maintained a beautiful spirit, a giving heart and a deep love for her family all of her life.   She is a gift to our family,  to her family now, and her friends, past, present and future I’m sure.  

Happy birthday my love!

There is nothing more rewarding than watching your children grow and become productive adults, and wonderful people.    It feels good when you realize they heard your words of correction and direction, even though it didn’t seem as though they were always  listening.   I am blessed to have that kind of pride in my children.   It wasn’t always easy, and I see both my husband and myself in them, at times,  the good, the bad, and the ugly!  That comes with the territory.

No matter how hard it gets, and it does get hard,  never give up on teachingcorrecting and discipling your children.   Find patience,  pray for understanding and guidance as you do your best to be a good parent.   We often told our children,  “We are learning as we go.  No one gave us a handbook on parenting”.   Every child is different, and that makes it even harder sometimes  but hang in there.  It will get better “after while “.