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Check Yourself!

In order to get along with others, we must sometimes be willing to accept constructive Criticisms. Have you heard this saying; “If people in your life who don’t know each other say the same thing about you, then it might be true”. If this is you, try not to become defensive, or frustrated, instead evaluate what is being said about you, and be brutally honest with yourself in the process.

In my house we say “Check yourself”. So when you realize an unflattering truth about yourself, don’t get down about it, instead ask God to help you to change it. I say “Ask God” because we all know when we are wrong for the most part, and we sometimes try to change and we may always seem to fall short, and fall back into those old ways or habits, and they are probably things we don’t even like about ourselves.

Remember, if it were simple, we wouldn’t still be trying to change. The best way to become a better person is by being a loving person, a person who loves enough to change hurtful or harmful ways or bad habits. The change will be for our own good as well as for the good of those who love us and those who are forced to deal with us each and everyday.

Romans 12:17
17Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.


 Trying Times

When God allows a “Storm” in your life, it has a purpose and He is going to be with you through it!

One of my favorite Gospel radio personalities KD Bowe Praise 102.5 Atlanta said recently, “It matters not so much what we go through but it is more about how we go through hard times that can either draw us closer to God or cause us to fall away from Him“.  Hardships are a part of life but just as a young man I heard interviewed after the Houston flood understood that if God brought him and his family to this point in his life (The loss of everything he possessed) he believed that God would bless him to get through it. He didn’t sound bitter at all, as a matter of fact, when asked by the reporter what he was going to do, his response was “I don’t know but I’m thankful, then he said “God is good”.  He was thankful and he recognized that he and his family were safe and were going to be fine, and I believe they will because he stood for the kingdom of God proudly and boldly in the face of what may have been his darkest moment as a young man, a husband and a father.    His heart was pure in his in the midst of total devastation, and his trust was in God.  

Gods word says “Man born of a woman is of a few days and full of trouble” Job 14:1, and as hard as it seems during those trying times, they are meant to strengthen our faith in God because we are trusting Him to help us through it, James 1:3.  

So, yes it matters more how we go through tough times than it does what we go through.

You Can’t Help It, Really

You know how you tell yourself that you’re going to control your emotions, you are going to control your mouth  but when they say that or when they do that thing they do that gets on your nerves, you lose it!   Your tongue begins to spew angry words you later wish you could take back but it’s too late.   I know because I struggle with controlling my emotions just as you may but  I have found a better way to handle those issues, those raw emotions concerning myself, my weaknesses and my flaws.  

The only solution is to ask God for help with those things we are not able to control on our own.  We must learn to trust God to do what we can not do on our own.   After all,  He made us, He knows more about us than we ever will.

It’s so easy to forget to pray about our flaws, our weaknesses because we are tricked into believing that we can handle it,  not true!

I heard someone  say, “I feel as though God has given up on me”.   I instantly knew it was an excuse to do what she wanted to under the cloak of,  “I’m just not strong enough to resist sin”.  I quickly responded to her words with, ” God will never give up on you,  we don’t give our every weakness to Him”.  His word is clear,  that if we call on Him in our moment of weakness,  He will deliver us! !  I know it’s true because I’ve done it time and time again.   When we do wrong,  most of the time, it’s basically because we choose to do it,  it feels good,  or it satisfies our need in the moment . 

Deliverance only comes when we listen  to Gods voice of reason.   It’s a simple thing and we all have experienced it.  A thought or an actual small voice saying;  “Don’t say that” , “Just get up, walk away, it’s not too late”, ” let it go, they don’t know any better”  and so on…  That’s the Holy spirit attempting to lead and to guide you!

It’s critical to obey the voice of the Lord because every decision we make has an affect on the rest of our lives.  It may not be immediate but pay attention and you will see that a decision you made got you to that very moment in life

My grandmother taught me when I was very young,  “God is everywhere”. He sees all and He knows all.  I thank God that I took her words  literally.  It kept me from doing many things which could have changed my life until I acceted Christ as my Savior.   Even though God is not right here physically, He is spiritually everywhere at the same time, after all, He is God!

” I will not leave you,  nor will I forsake  you”, Deuteronomy 31:6

” No weapon formed against you will prosper”, Isaiah 54:17

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,  Philippines 4:13

Alone time

When we lived in Huntsville Alabama, we were fortunate as always to find a wonderful church.  The Pastors wife  was our Sunday school teacher and a very knowledgeable woman of God.    I remember how she always talked about her early mornings with God.  I also remember  how  I made excuses for my lack of time,  how my life was so busy with work (at the  time) and my family, that I couldn’t always find quality time to read my Bible or spend time with God in prayer as I desired.  She suggested such a simple remedy, She said,   “If you really want it, ask God for it,  ask Him to wake you earlier than normal in order to give Him the “first fruit” of your day”.  Well, I did it,  and what do you know,  I started waking up at around 5am every morning!  What was funny, was  that it took me a few days before I realized what was happening to me,  God had answered my prayer.   It was a pretty simple request but amazing at the same time.  Even now when I wake early before day, I almost immediately start to pray.  It’s such a sweet time of the day with no interruptions or distractions,  just me, the Lord and my husband sound asleep.

If you want to give God more of yourself, more time that seems non existent,  ask Him.  He will do it because He desires your time, your gifts and your talents, but most of all He desires your time alone with Him so that he can speak to you through His word,  through your prayer time and meditation.  He will strengthen you for anything you will face in your day.   

I challenge you to ask Him and see “Won’t He do it”.

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge”… (Psalm 73:28)

The Gift or The Giver

In the life of a Christian, God will use various people and resources to provide for us, but He is always the source, He simply uses the resource to help us. Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.

Remembering this, is critical in remaining dependent on God, as we have the tendency to confuse the gift with the giver…. When this happens, our loyalty and trust tend to shift towards the person or where the help comes from, rather than God (our provider).

God is the source of everything we need, no matter how He provides it. It may come through our children, our spouses, our jobs and friends. Always remember, they are merely the tools He uses to meet the needs in our lives.

Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me under the shadow of your wings, Palms 17:8

How bad do you want it?

The power to do anything, is yours through Christ Jesus. “I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me”, (Philippians 4:13). If you really want it, pray about it, seek after it, ask the Lord for instruction and direction. He’s able to do exceedingly abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us” His power! (Ephesians 3:20-21).


Choose Carefully!

I was in the car the other night when my favorite gospel station personality, said something like, “Your inner circle, friends and acquaintances have more of an impact on you than you may give them credit for. Choose carefully”.

As a military family, we moved every few years and we made new friends easily. We all tend to make friends with those who have the same type of values and personality as we do somewhat, but in almost every move we made, I encountered stronger personalities than mine, and I had to learn to balance what I allowed to influence me and my family dynamics. We are all products of our environment. Just as being in the presence of people who curse constantly will cause you to curse if you are not careful, because you hear it all the time, or if the people around you use the most current slang terms, you might tend to pick up on it, as someone I love does so easily 😉. “Throwing shade”, (to treat someone with less respect than they deserve or a hater), that’s her new one from a TV personality 😒(me frowning).

It all seems so innocent but be careful, because people who don’t possess your values or morals can influence your speech, your personality, as well as your behavior in a negative way without you realizing it until it’s brought to your attention. If you have children, it’s even more important because you are teaching them to do the same (follow not lead).

The bible tells us to “guard our hearts and minds” (Proverbs 4:23) for this very important reason. Life is really a matter of “input and output”, as my pastor said Sunday. What you put in does tend to come out eventually. One of my favorite sayings is, ” What you feed grows”. Don’t take my word for it, just start paying attention to who your around on a regular basis and what part of them is rubbing off on you or what part of you might be rubbing off on them!

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind” (Romans 12:2). The only way to renew your mind is to spend time with God, read His word, and pray daily (relationship). Allow Christ to be the greatest influence in your and your family’s life.