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When you consider all that  is going on in the world today,  consider how sin has brought us to this point.

When we struggle with overcoming sin in our own lives, we must remember that we have a helper.   It is really simple,  all we need do is ask God for help and this is the kicker, then obey Him!  He will help you if you sincerely desire His help and He knows! In my own experience, I have found that  The Holy Spirit will always guide me  in those moments when I am  considering doing wrong.

I was so serious about pleasing God,  that I asked Him to allow me to feel the disappointment He feels when I allow my selfish ways to take control instead of obeying His voice, and then I asked myself why it was so easy for me to willfully disobey Gods word if I truly loved Him, and if I believed that Christ suffered, blead, and died for me.

If you truly love Jesus,  pay attention to that “still small voice” (Jesu living in you) when He says to you, “Don’t do it” or “Stop  before it’s too late”.  That’s the voice of the Holy Spirit in you.

If our sin does not break our heart, we make a mockery of Christ’s supreme sacrifice, Psalm 51.17


 Trying Times

When God allows a “Storm” in your life, it has a purpose and He is going to be with you through it!

One of my favorite Gospel radio personalities KD Bowe Praise 102.5 Atlanta said recently, “It matters not so much what we go through but it is more about how we go through hard times that can either draw us closer to God or cause us to fall away from Him“.  Hardships are a part of life but just as a young man I heard interviewed after the Houston flood understood that if God brought him and his family to this point in his life (The loss of everything he possessed) he believed that God would bless him to get through it. He didn’t sound bitter at all, as a matter of fact, when asked by the reporter what he was going to do, his response was “I don’t know but I’m thankful, then he said “God is good”.  He was thankful and he recognized that he and his family were safe and were going to be fine, and I believe they will because he stood for the kingdom of God proudly and boldly in the face of what may have been his darkest moment as a young man, a husband and a father.    His heart was pure in his in the midst of total devastation, and his trust was in God.  

Gods word says “Man born of a woman is of a few days and full of trouble” Job 14:1, and as hard as it seems during those trying times, they are meant to strengthen our faith in God because we are trusting Him to help us through it, James 1:3.  

So, yes it matters more how we go through tough times than it does what we go through.

Help us pray for healing again

Over a year or so ago, I asked you to help us pray for healing from cancer for my friend Elise. God did just that, He healed her to the point that cancer was almost non existent in her body. Well the cancer has come back and has spread to other parts of Elise’s body. We believe that her healing will be on this side of life, so I ask all of you to stand with us in prayer for Elise and her healing. Please pray as specific as she has requested below, and we will give God praise for “He is still healing”. Please pray for a miracle in the life of this young woman and her family. Elise has 5 year old twins and a wonderful husband. She is a twin herself and has a fully devoted family as well as friends standing united in prayer and faith along side her. Please stand with us in believing for her healing on this side of life, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

Just Read The Instructions

I was reading some of the debates concerning the election and Donald Trump, then opened my bible to read before bed (Proverbs 9 ) NLT and read this; Gods word, for Gods people  

Same for any disagreement 

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Life is so much easier when we follow instruction

Don’t judge me

Life is so hectic these days,   everyone has their own struggles,  their own issues,  their own demons.   People are losing hope like never before because of the a slow economy,  job loss,  failed relationships,  loneliness, depression etc., Suicide and murder are on the rise because the enemy causes us to feel hopeless, and alone if we are not careful.

We must learn to recognize the signs of depression,  anger,  sadness etc, and we must make ourselves available as well as approachable, so that anyone who may be in need can feel comfortable with confiding in us, sharing with us,  or even venting their frustrations to us.

Understand that people don’t always need advice,  sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold in their time of trouble,  an ear to listen to how they really feel,  or a heart which understands that they are only human and that we all make mistakes.  Most of all they must feel as though you won’t judge them.   For there is only one judge and He is God the Father of us all.

“For we all have sinned  and fallen short of the glory of God”  Romans 3:23

Life Is Too Short

I have always been the kind of person who feels like they should do as much as possible (that counts) because we only live once. I’ve always been happy, and tried to do what was right (for the most part). I always wanted to make my parents proud, I’ve always wanted to be the best wife to my husband, the best mother to my children, and now, the best grandmother to my granddaughters etc.. I wanted to travel when we got married, but we couldn’t afford “real vacations” until later in life, beside the fact, it took a little time to get my husband to see things my way (separate from some of that hard earned money) but he did and we started to travel and enjoy one another as “empty nesters”.

You only live once on this side of Heaven, so why not live life to the fullest! Travel, if you can, experience new things. If you can’t go on a trip, enjoy exploring your city, new restaurants, and try new foods. Do things you don’t normally do. If you don’t get outside much, take a walk and enjoy the wonder of God’s creation all around you. If you’re lonely, take an exercise class, it’s good for your body, and it’s a great way to make some friends. Go to church and get active in a ministry so you feel a part of something not just an attendee. Make the best of every God-given opportunity, and realize, every day you open your eyes is an opportunity to live, to change, to be a better you. Happiness comes from within as we strive to please God in all that we do. He really does want the best for us. (John 10:10, Isaiah 30:18)

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Happy New Opportunity!!!

Are you feeling a little isolated, closed in, shut off from the rest of the world?

Life is what we make of it! Are you the person who everyone wonders, “what happened to them”? Think about how you used to enjoy your free time, doing things other than catching up on television shows, playing video games or finding now yourself regularly drinking alone. A solution to not getting bogged down, is not to allow yourself to be totally consumed by one thing (work, children, television, caring for others or even fear). If you are not happy with how life is, make up your mind to try and make some changes.

If you miss your friends, reach out to them, call them. If you feel isolated, get up, get out and do something, if only going for a walk to take in some fresh air, and enjoy the outdoors. I have always noticed when I’m walking or running, I think about nothing other than what I see, it’s so refreshing.

Don’t allow your past year to define your next year. The mind is a powerful thing. The bible says, “As a man thinks, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).