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He can make things happen 

I sometimes find myself wondering if I’m on the right track spiritually.  Am I fulfilling my life purpose.  I know I love The Lord and I am trying to live my life according to His word, and then the Lord softly reassures me (through His word) that He is in control and He will orchestrate opportunity in my daily walk (work or leisure) to do His will in and through my life.  

This always seems to happen when I begin to question my purpose, so there’s no need to try and force anything, simply study Gods word, stay prayerful, and be kind.  The Lord gives us opportunity to share the love of Jesus, just listen for that urgent tug at your heart or a thought that won’t let you rest, then move or speak with love, and share your faith.

Give us this day all that we need and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.  Matthew 6


Ever think about what your purpose in life is?

We never know where life will take us or why things happen but, I have come to believe that my life was meant to care for others.

Even though I was born out of an adulterous relationship, Yes! I grew up in a loving household with a father who adored me, who’d do anything for me but I wasn’t his biological child. I met and learned to love my biological father later in life. I have come to realize that one of my purposes in life was to be the one child they both had who would care for them at the end of their lives.

I used to work outside my home or as some would say “I had a career” until my precious mother, my heart, a person who loved me with such adoration and pride, became sick. She had so many doctors appointments and hospital stays that I could no longer work and take care of her needs. I thank God for a husband who had the wisdom to live off only one of our incomes and never allowed us to live above our means. He was and still is a saver (frugal) therefor I was able to quit work and give my mother all the care, time and support she needed until her life on earth was over.

I recall the day my mother looked up at me from her hospital bed after having her leg amputated above the knee, still drowsy from medications and apparently overhearing the doctors tell me she would soon have to have the other leg amputated as well due to a severe case of diabetes, she said to me, ” I’m tired”. I acted oblivious to the statement she had made hoping she was really just physically tired. She was tired of being “sick and tired”, and I knew it. Reluctantly, I surrendered to my mothers wishes, and allowed her to be removed from dialysis to be transferred to a Hospice care facility that very day. As sad as I was knowing that it was only a matter of days in which I would no longer be able to look into her eyes, nor would I be able to rest my head on her shoulder and feel so understood and cared for the way only a mother can make a child feel. I was happy that her pain and suffering would be over, but at the same time I felt such uncontrollable sadness for myself. I worried that I would forget her touch, the fragrance of her skin and that loving look that she always had whenever she saw me. Mom passed away shortly after her arrival to hospice. It was harder for me than I could have ever imagined but with Gods help and my families, I learned a new normal, a life without my mom.

My dad had a stroke a few years later. It fell on me to care for him as well, His wife was in a nursing home from having a massive stroke on the day of my daughters bridal shower no less. Dad passed away after another more severe stroke and a short hospital stay but I was there to make sure he was taken care of, as I still do for his wife. Even though dad didn’t raise me, I knew he loved me and he always told me he was so proud to have me no matter the circumstances surrounding my birth. My mother and my father loved The Lord and they both looked forward to going to Heaven and being at rest.

KJV Bible. Mathew 7:12
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets

In loving memory of my parents