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The Work Of Marriage

My hope in posting this blog is to help new marriages, relationships and maybe even those who have weathered the storms of life for many years and can identify with mine. I will be sharing my own marriage experiences, the good, the bad and some times the ugly. I will add, with Gods help we haven’t had many “ugly” situations and for that I am humbly thankful to God.

As a now 60 year old woman who loves God and the man He sent my way almost 39 years ago, I hope to encourage you all to “Hang in there” get through your issues and understand YOU ARE NOT ALONE, with real talk and Gods word. The Bible declares “There is nothing new under the sun”, someone somewhere is, has or will go through the same thing you are going through right now.

The work of Marriage, if it is to survive is ongoing, ever changing and requires flexibility. Just as you grow and change emotional, intellectually, and even physically, so do your relationships.

It has always been funny (not ha ha) to me how we are more inclined to be available, kind and more forgiving to a friend and even a stranger than we are likely to be with our spouses. Yes, the person we vowed before God, our family and our friends to “love, honor and cherish, till death do us part”. Think on that one for a little bit.

Real talk ladies and gentleman, along with scripture to encourage you, that’s what this blog is all about.

If my blog is a blessing to you, take a moment to share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Talk to others about what you get from it and share the link so that others will get the same encouragement.

Romans 12:13

“Share with the Lords people and practice hospitality”. Yep! That’s in the Bible.

I will also share some of my quick, healthy and easy recipes because I know what a chore cooking can be

Air fried or oven baked Eggplant

Slice eggplant about 1/2 inch,

Lay them on flat surface, sprinkle with salt, cover with paper towel for about 30 minutes to 1 hour

in a bowl beat 2 eggs

In a separate bowl mix

1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 Teaspoon smoked paprika

1/2 teaspoon oregano

Salt n pepper to taste

Dip eggplant in egg bath then cover well in bread crumbs mixture both sides, place on baking rack or baking sheet (sprayed with cooking oil). Spray the top of each eggplant with cooking oil and bake for about 15-20 in air fryer. Oven baked 400 degrees about 30 minutes until golden brown

On the same rack or baking sheet add whatever kind of cheese you like (I used feta) to one side of eggplant, add marinara and repeat. I topped with fresh basil from my herb garden. I kept them plain, sprinkled with feta cheese and topped with basil for my husband.

They are amazing

Racism, Hatred, Bigotry

No matter what the title we put on it, treating another human being less than yourself for any reason is WRONG.

As a black woman with sons, I don’t think my heart has ever been so broken as it was over the scene broadcast world wide of George Floyd being subsequently murdered by a police officer on a public street in the United States off America! All I could do is imagine my heartbreak if it were my son laying there begging for his life, dying and calling for me. How would I ever cope with that? How could I live knowing that hate was the reason for my child’s death, not a car accident not natural causes but the knee of a man with no regard for another human beings life.

Not allowing this to be a “race thing” in my heart I pose the question; If George Floyd, if Ahmad Aubrey, if Trayvon Martin had been a white man, how might their situations have played out? The answer I come up with every time is absolutely DIFFERENTLY!

I have a brother who was jailed for what is effectively the rest of his life for robbery of two white women over the age of 55. He was charged in New York State with a “Hate crime” against the elderly and given 52 years. Mind you, no one died, no one was critically injured but he has spent 13 years of his life in prison thus far!

I have watched story after story and time and time again people who aren’t black get less time for even killing another human being! The one the struck me most recently was a young white college student proven to have rapped a fellow black student, given no time at all because the judge didn’t want to “ruin his future”. Others given probation for more than my brothers crime!

This is the problem that we face as blacks. We have faced this for decades even centuries and now finally it has caused people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to reach a boiling point. The unrest we are experiencing today in our country and around the world is because it’s been long enough! Eyes have been opened to the injustice we have faced and now difficult conversations are being had. People are asking “what can I do”.

I beg you not to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to racism, injustice or inequality toward ANYONE any longer! When you see it happening, when you hear it being voiced, speak up, speak out! Address it because it’s the right thing to do! Who knows, the next time it could be you, your child or someone you love! The pain is real

Luke 6

Treat everyone the same way you would want them to treat you

Is Your Word Worth Anything?

I’ve experienced people committing to the smallest of things in recent years and then “crickets” (nothing), not even an phone call to excuse themselves. So now when they commit to anything, I don’t “hold my breath”. Take a moment from this point on and give thought to what you say before you commit to anyone for anything! Be a person of integrity!


Ecclesiastes 5:4-7

Cherish The Love We Have

Apparently a great number of parents are taking out their frustrations on their children during these very stressful times. Social services in Atlanta has reported a need for temporary placements to avoid abuse!

Sheltering in place has forced us to be together with our families, but because of the lives we have made so busy, being together something many families are not used to doing.

Although I can understand the stress of losing a job, not having enough food, and bills coming due; I cannot understand taking it out on innocent children! Children love us unconditionally and besides they too have their own set of concerns and anxieties about not being in school, not seeing their friends, and the lack of having a normal life since this pandemic “thing” changed their lives too..

I believe one of the best things that can come out of this pandemic (if we keep things in prospective) is the renewal of family and the understanding that we were doing way too much “stuff” instead of appreciating and spending time with our families. Children are a special gift from God and in the grand scheme of things, they are ours for a very short time. It is our responsibility in that time to mold them into great human beings and to teach them to be examples of Gods love to the world.

Love them today, for tomorrow is not promised!

Our spouses also need to know we love them the way we did before children and the responsibilities of life took our lives over. Let us view to renew family bonds and restore our fragmented lives. Let us understand that when this is all over some of us will be missing a loved one. Do not be one who has to ask yourself, “Did I show them I appreciated them, did they know that they were important to me, did they know that I loved them above everything else?”

Let’s live life like there’s no tomorrow. Live on purpose, love harder, laugh more.


Words Do Hurt!

We do not think about what we say or how it will affect who we say it to.

I was recently texting my niece who is a nurse, to check on how she was doing during this pandemic.  I soon realized she had changed her number!

The person who now possesses her old phone number was very unhappy that a stranger was texting them. They were very vulgar and oh so angry. I asked them what they were so angry about, my texting them was an innocent mistake? They told me to delete their “dam number” and while I could have ragged on them for not knowing how to spell the word “damn” I didn’t. However, my first instinct was to “clap back”.  Yet the nicer I was, the angrier they became, but wait..could they not have just blocked me and not even engaged in conversation with me any longer?

So I took it as an opportunity to tell them about Jesus.  After they told me to “just go somewhere and die”, I went for it. I told them I won’t die until God is ready for me, and my hope was that they would one day come to know Jesus and the love He had for us and how He gave His life for a world of people.  I told them they were being rude to a grandmother and that their lack of respect was hurtful.  Amazingly, that softened their tone just a little, although still intolerant.

I deleted the number knowing that one day they will think on this experience and know that they may need to change.

The thing i also realized is, if I had been a person on the edge, thinking life was not worth living any longer for whatever reason, this may well have pushed me over the edge! It didn’t matter that I didn’t know the person behind the text messages because their words cut so deeply.

Intolerance and disrespect for others has become an acceptable behavior. Sad enough, this example has been set by  our leaders in government, television programming, and social media but  It’s not okay!

My prayer for this pandemic is first that God’s will be done and that we  realize that He is our only hope.  I pray we will learn to be respectful again of one another, to the elderly because they deserve respect and we all will be old one day if we live long enough and for our nation.  Our nation is not perfect but we in the United States live our lives much better than people in most countries. We have simply taken our freedom for granted.   

Our humanity will be tested during this pandemic. Let us not fail, but pass this test.

Matthew 7:12

So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them for this is the law and the prophets

Luke 6:31

Treat people in the same way you would want them to treat you in all things

Start with Kindness

If before this pandemic, you were the person, the company, the corporation who took advantage of people in order to see your bottom line grow, or who cheated for your own gain because there was plenty, plenty of people, plenty of customers, plenty of money to be had.  There were however plenty of people who complained but you didn’t really care or you didn’t go the extra mile to be helpful.

Now look,not only is this pandemic causing us all to re evaluate family, faith, business and life in general (those things most important to us) all under the guise of this terrible raging sickness, it has worried about how you will survive this.

When you get back to “life as usual”, don’t allow it to be!  Let’s begin again with the fresh start God has given us.  Let’s treat everyone as we would like to be treated.   In every situation let us practice kindness and compassion.

Show love and be kind to everyone, that is Gods will for us all!

John 13:34

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

What you feed Grows

In the last few years, I have noticed an upward trend in entertainment and more recently immorality has exploded.  It has to do with the changing of television ratings and censorship as well as television programming content.  The words “God damn” doesn’t get bleeped out but most all other profanity does!  Anything seems to be permissible while we “Christians”, in my opinion, are mostly the cause for the explosion.

We have sat back quietly, blissfully, and ignorantly allowed television and movie content to change from mostly family friendly to disturbingly ungodly and unwholesome in the name of “entertainment”. We secretly sit behind closed doors watching that in which we would have been ashamed to admit out loud to anyone years ago. Now we openly discuss these shows with one another because “things have changed so much” or have they? Things have changed because people have changed, “Christians” have changed, which has caused the world to change!

If you do not know how entertainment works, it’s our viewership and our listenership which puts money in the pockets of shows, actors/actresses, and production companies.  That is what dictates what type of shows will continue to be produced, what language is acceptable, and what content we will watch.  All while we “Christians” sit back shaking our heads in disgust, wondering “what is this world coming to”? It is coming to what we have shown approval for  by silently and secretly sitting in front of a television set viewing un-Godly content.

Here is how we can change it. Many  Christians believe that the Covid-19 virus and its effects (self quarantine) are meant to be a time for cleansing and renewal in the world. If this is so, one thing we must stop is being selfish, self centered, and sneaky in the way we are allowing ourselves to be entertained.  We must stop making excuses for what we do and why it should be okay because “times have changed “.  Times have not changed, we have!

When ratings go down, shows are canceled.  You are a rating when you watch.  That is how networks and production companies look at what people are watching. If we go back to wholesome entertainment, the production companies will definitely take note and make more wholesome, family friendly television and stop pushing the immorality envelope.

Have you noticed that new shows start out great? They suck us in with a wonderful story line “hook line and sinker”  then, when they think they’ve got us, here comes bad language, homosexual relationships, and explicit sex scenes. Why do you think that is?  They’ve got us now.  We say “ I have to know what happens next”! Is it that good to you?  We must turn away, and stop watching, if things are going to get better.  Your viewership counts and even more than that, we will answer to God for what we have allowed in our lives, in our homes, and especially in our spirits.

What we feed will grow in our spirits even if you don’t believe it.  Just pay attention to what you prioritize, what you accept, even your language.

This is our time to help grow the kingdom of God choosing His will over our own selfish desires in the name of being entertained.

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people which are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land.

Delta is allowing sex scenes

Delta airlines has decided under pressure from a movie director to allow not only heterosexual love scenes but homosexual love scenes to be viewed during in flight movies. So instead of censoring out ALL SEX SCENES on in flight movies, they will now allow homosexual love scenes as well. Why? What happened to censorship anyway??

Television and movies have gone too far with language (everyone doesn’t curse) as well as sexual content on tv and movies while the average person with an ounce of morality is sitting back silently and passively complaining under their breath allowing this to take place without as little as a verbal or written complaint. Folks there’s power in numbers!!!

I believe everyone has bought into the whole “You’re being hateful if you don’t agree with me or my lifestyle ” mindset. NOT SO! I believe I’m only being hateful if I’m not showing love, consideration or compassion for others, not if I don’t want to see sex on a public viewing screen or if I don’t agree with a certain lifestyle.

Let’s go back to the day when, if you wanted to see sex on a screen it was in private, it was on a special channel after family television viewing hours or in a movie house where you made a decision to pay to watch with others.

If a person desires to watch such entertainment in public let them do it on their own personal devices, not in a place where small children, influential teenagers or people like me who would be very uncomfortable sitting next to someone in a public place while “mild porn” is playing next to me on a plane.

There’s enough wrong in the world, let’s not allow Hollywood, politics or the love of the almighty $$$$ to take control of our public airwaves and our lives.

Go to Delta customer service.com or Call them, Just do something!

Okay i’m off my soapbox ❤️

Go get your life

So my morning includes watching the local news station with my morning cup of coffee. Yesterday morning there was a guy on who sang a song and it’s words taught about living life fully so that we are old we have memories to share.

The song was “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”. His name is Steven Phillips, Midnight express a Georgia artist.


“Do things when you’re young, then when your old you’ll have something to talk about. There are those who take chances, and those who never will, it’s best to go out knowing you didn’t waste Gods gift” of life so live.

So if I could, my advice today is the same as the song. Don’t watch people live (scrolling social media mindlessly) or watching others on television as a means of entertainment, instead get up get out and start living your best life.

I believe that television and Social Media is robbing us of life! We are healthier when we are more active. So get started living in “the present”. It is truly a gift from God and we get the chance to experience it. Think about it, we’ll never have another opportunity to live today again.

I’m talking to myself and to other “seasoned” people (older folks, empty nesters) because young people seem to have a better grasp on living their best life, if not only for a selfie opportunity, but they do know how to live for life experiences.

My daughter has this saying “Go get your life”, it’s funny but so true in this case.

Let’s do it!

Psalms 90:12

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Psalms 32:8