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Go get your life

So my morning includes watching the local news station with my morning cup of coffee. Yesterday morning there was a guy on who sang a song and it’s words taught about living life fully so that we are old we have memories to share.

The song was “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”. His name is Steven Phillips, Midnight express a Georgia artist.


“Do things when you’re young, then when your old you’ll have something to talk about. There are those who take chances, and those who never will, it’s best to go out knowing you didn’t waste Gods gift” of life so live.

So if I could, my advice today is the same as the song. Don’t watch people live (scrolling social media mindlessly) or watching others on television as a means of entertainment, instead get up get out and start living your best life.

I believe that television and Social Media is robbing us of life! We are healthier when we are more active. So get started living in “the present”. It is truly a gift from God and we get the chance to experience it. Think about it, we’ll never have another opportunity to live today again.

I’m talking to myself and to other “seasoned” people (older folks, empty nesters) because young people seem to have a better grasp on living their best life, if not only for a selfie opportunity, but they do know how to live for life experiences.

My daughter has this saying “Go get your life”, it’s funny but so true in this case.

Let’s do it!

Psalms 90:12

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Psalms 32:8


A Treasure

Treasure one another, you never know when life will be over as you know it today. Don’t put off for a tomorrow that which you could enjoy together today.

Don’t Force It, Be Gentle

I realize that after children, careers and aging together, things will probably never be like they were in the beginning of our relationship but by using positive energy it is easier, I have the power to make subtle changes in any moment. I do things like kiss my husband when he doesn’t expect it, show him affection if I want affection in return and I definitely have learned not to make him responsible for change in our relationship when he doesn’t see a problem with how things are!

Remember, we tend to mirror our parents relationships, so if his dad wasn’t active or affectionate or handy around the house then he might not be either without a gentle nudge from us and whether we like it or not, we do tend to “turn into our parents”

2 Peter 4:8

If we sincerely love one another, that love will cover a multitude of sin (issues)

Practice makes perfect!

Be Kind

Times are so different now which makes most any negative situation almost impossible to resolve without good communication.

The devil has made sure we don’t talk enough, we don’t touch and we don’t even make eye contact and because of that we can quickly misunderstand each other. Our lives are literally filled with STUFF! Work, activities, television shows etc.,

So, when disagreements or misunderstandings occur in our relationships and marriages, how do we handle them? Are you the type of person who shuts down, who avoids confrontations, or are you the type who gets overly emotional when it comes to confronting issues head on.

Well, no matter how you handle it, you can count on the devil doing his thing in your mind (thoughts), “You should’ve said”, ” Why did you let them get away with that”, “They don’t care about your feelings anyway”, “You should be sick of this….. and I could go on button I’m sure you get the picture. My point is, don’t allow the enemy of mankind and everything that is good, to cause you to be uncomfortable about speaking your feelings, speaking your hurt, acknowledging your pain to the one person you vowed to love forever.

Be sure to always pray for peace and understanding in your relationships then speak your heart regularly, not loudly and not in anger, and definitely not with accusations. Instead make your point softly, with love, in a kind way, in hopes of a resolution almost every time.

Remember, practice makes almost perfect!

Ephesians 4:32

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as Christ forgave you.

2 Timothy 2:24

And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.

Don’t accept just anyone into your life

In a time where so many are searching out true love, don’t assume anyone is desperate enough to put up with your foolishness. When seeking out a relationship you should always put your “best foot” forward but don’t lie about who you truly are or suppress your normal behavior (bad habits) too long. If you have issues, share them and try to work through them (therapy). It works! I know because I had to see someone after my mom passed away. Therapy is so important especially if you recognize a problem with you in past relationships.

No one deserves your brokenness when you can get help.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31).


I went to see the movie “Breakthrough” recently with my husband (our date night). It was AMAZING !! It reminded me of the great power we have through prayer. In the movie when the mothers child was in distress, she called on the power of God from the very depths of her soul seemingly (No spoilers here)!

As Christians, I believe we sometimes tend to down play the power of prayer, or not totally understand the true power which comes from and through prayer, often seeing it as the last resort rather than our first response to the issues of life. In an attempt to encourage one another, we say things like “Just pray about it, or “I’ll be praying for you” and then going on our way even forgetting about that need. We subconsciously seem to underestimate prayer, its significance and its power in the moment and in doing so we are robbed of the joy that God intended for us to experience through connecting with Him in such critical times. It is literally our connection and way to communicate with God!

I am blown away by the bold and powerful prayers of David, how he cried out to God and the boldness and cutting honesty in which he talked to Him. We don’t have to pray eloquently or sound like anyone else, we just need to talk to God from our hearts, but reverence Him as our Creator.

I’ve come to realize that we can humble ourselves before God and pray such bold, impossible sounding prayers because God desires a relationship with us even though He is infinitely powerful and nothing we pray is too small or insignificant for Him. He is right there waiting on us to trust Him enough to call on Him so that He can do great things for us.

Let’s pray like Davis (Psalms)

Don’t Be An Accuser

Try not to be a critical spirit (person), it can wreck a good relationship if not put in check.

Maybe no one has told you yet but no one person knows everything all of the time nor should things be done their way all the time.

If you’ve ever said “If I were you, I would…”, you might want to stop! You won’t ever know what you would do in any given situation unless you are put in that situation in that very moment!

The Bible says the enemy is called “The accuser” of the brethren” ( Revelation 12) Don’t be the person who always points out the mistakes or flaws of others (an accuser), be understanding and helpful instead of judgmental.

Full disclosure, I’ve been told that I can be critical at times and I continue working on it everyday knowing that some flaws never completely go away, we must simply learn self control in all situations. ; )