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He will, if you ask Him

It’s funny how God works with us at times. I recognize His hand in my life at moments when I would rather not, because I’m angry or upset. You know how you just want to be you and say what you want to say, regardless of what you realize might be right at the time, or dare I say, Godly!

As I grow in age and in Godly wisdom, I have come to realize that humility and self-control are a huge part of living a God centered life. If I act in love, I humble myself to understand how another person feels, more so than how I may feel about them in the moment. It becomes, “not so important” for others to see things my way or to see a situation as I see it, if it’s causing anger or strife between us.

If you are struggling in a relationship and you want to talk, but you feel as if you can’t have a conversation, for fear of not being understood, or you feel as though anger may take control of that conversation, pray for God to create an opportunity (an appointed time) for a conversation to take place, where you both can listen and be heard in love and with understanding, and where a resolution will take place. You’ll know when it’s the right time if you remain prayerful concerning your needs.

I wrote this blog over a year ago but because of today’s sermon on repairing relationships, I felt there need to repository it.

Matthew 5:33
If you have an offering and there at the alter you remember that your” brother” (husband,wife, sister, friend) has something against you, leave your offering, go and be reconciled and then bring your offering