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When you consider all that  is going on in the world today,  consider how sin has brought us to this point.

When we struggle with overcoming sin in our own lives, we must remember that we have a helper.   It is really simple,  all we need do is ask God for help and this is the kicker, then obey Him!  He will help you if you sincerely desire His help and He knows! In my own experience, I have found that  The Holy Spirit will always guide me  in those moments when I am  considering doing wrong.

I was so serious about pleasing God,  that I asked Him to allow me to feel the disappointment He feels when I allow my selfish ways to take control instead of obeying His voice, and then I asked myself why it was so easy for me to willfully disobey Gods word if I truly loved Him, and if I believed that Christ suffered, blead, and died for me.

If you truly love Jesus,  pay attention to that “still small voice” (Jesu living in you) when He says to you, “Don’t do it” or “Stop  before it’s too late”.  That’s the voice of the Holy Spirit in you.

If our sin does not break our heart, we make a mockery of Christ’s supreme sacrifice, Psalm 51.17


Don’t fight “it”

You know when you say, “Something said” or “Something told me”? When you have given your life to the Lord, that “Something” is The Holy Spirit, and He is trying to lead, guide or protect you. You know in your heart what you should do, but you fight it because, you don’t understand it or it’s simply not what you want to do in the moment.

Don’t fight it, He’s always got your best interest at heart, and He knows better than anyone, what’s ahead of the decision you will make.

“You will never be able to escape from your heart, so it’s better to listen to what “it” has to say”.
The Alchemist