Continue the Courtship 

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but it’s not as important to me in my maturity (old age) 😏 because I like gifts and kind gestures anytime.  I believe individuals which have surpassed the ten year milestone in marriage can find  themselves doing the same things the same way everyday of the week,  and will actually rationalize it by saying “this my life now”, “I’m too tired after a hard day at work and the kids” or “life is just too busy to prioritize us”, and we could go on and on.

Recognize the tricks of the enemy (satan), and his ability to tear relationships apart.  It is imparative to prioritize your spouse, your “Boo”, your “Better half”.  

It’s not hard, it’s actually simple if you can recall those special little things you did early in your relationship.  You know!   You cooked special meals or planned special dates if you didn’t cook.  Remember how you brought her flowers, cause back then you didn’t care how much they cost !  Yea all that, and all you need to do is start today.  Don’t wait till Valentine’s Day.  It won’t have the same affect,  By all means don’t disappoint on VD but start! take baby steps, and remember it’s not something you have to do all the time, just make the effort, show them you still care enough to try.

will smother your relationship to death!
May God bless your efforts


2 thoughts on “Continue the Courtship 

  1. Great article! I invite you to read my article: “Wow Your Husband!” on my blog
    It is so easy to stay in a routine. Husbands and wives need to keep romance alive.😀

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