They are a Gift from God

I was returning to my car at the grocery store when I heard a woman’s voice shouting profanities. I looked to see what the commotion was all about, and to my amazement, it was a woman shouting these profanities at a little boy. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. He was wiping tears away as they entered the store.

At that moment, I remembered a sermon I heard. The minister said that sometimes the problem with people who mistreat children to such a degree is, they see in the child, the face of the man or woman who is no longer in their life or who has caused them pain somehow or they hate their lives and take it out an innocent child who had nothing to do with the pain which was caused.  
A child is a gift, just ask anyone who would willingly give all they have in order to experience pregnancy, child birth or even fatherhood. Something you may be taking for granted.
If this sounds like you, pray and ask The Lord to help you to see yourself in that childs sweet little face or those eyes that wonder why you don’t like them, why you’re always angry with them, just as God our Heavenly Father loves you and looks past your faults and failures. He loves you and shows you mercy and grace, so why won’t you! If you can’t forgive that person man or that woman who mistreated you, why not ask God for the strength to change, because some things are very hard to do apart from the power of God.
There are so many good people that deserve children, who can’t have them but God allowed you to experience the joy of parenthood. Don’t fail this assignment given to you as a parent. Love them, nurture them and help make them into a wonderful human being for their future as well as your own. God loves them, and He gave them to you for a season to do great things in a world full of anger and hostility.  

What are you doing with the gift He gave to you.

Gods word says,” Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven”.  


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