You Have Super Powers

I LOVE EVERYONE, AND I HAVE GAY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO I ADORE. I DIDN’T STOP LOVING THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE Homosexual , BUT!! I believe we will be judged for that which we do, as as well as that which we do not. It’s time stop being quieted by the world. The Bible tells us that we would be ridiculed and subject to anger because of our beliefs. Why are we so shocked and afraid to speak up now.

The networks have officially gone too far for me! This morning while watching my local station a soap opera commercial showed actors portraying gay men kissing.    ITS NOT NATURAL FOR EVERYONE!! I don’t want to see this, and my grandchildren should not be subject to this type of relationship as a normal way of life.  

Gods people need to say something, I did. I searched out the NBC Universal contact info and I want to share it with anyone who feels the same as I do. Call and voice your disapproval  (if you disapprove). We are the consumer, and it is possible to get television back to “clean” content.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it, you do it! 

Take a stand or things are just going to get worse……Our viewing drives ratings, make the networks and the actors money, yes we pay them for what they are doing and drive the type of entertainment which ends up being on television. If we complain and STOP WATCHING offensive television, things can will change. Television could go back to good clean entertainment again.

 Use your super powers for good.

NBC (212) 664-4444

Tbs (404) 827-1700

CBS (212) 975-3247 for feedback  “online only”

TNT 800-558-5555


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