Oh, Grow Up!

Marriage requires a certain level of maturity as well as self control.  It has not always been present in my marriage but it is what has kept us together for all these years.  Once we learned to choose our battles and “me” not wear my feelings on my shirt sleeve, things got much easier .  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a process which takes some of us longer than others and you may never really master it but, if  and when you get the basic premise of love and unselfish behavior, life changes dramatically.  

Recently, while on our way to midweek bible study, a local gospel personality said, “Pride makes excuses but maturity makes adjustments”.  Oh my goodness!  How many times have you made an excuse to behave badly towards oneanother.   Maturity keeps you working at doing what is right, not responding in anger, and not ententionally being hurtful. 

 During  the bible study our minister addressed why we try to change and fail, time and time again.   “We can not sustain change without Gods strength to help us, and most importantly, we must check our motives.  Is it for me or is it for someone else, so ask yourself, “Did I ask God to help me to change for me?  “Do I really even want to change”? Once you identify your reason, go to your Heavenly Father and ask Him to help you with this process, ask Him to help you to love oneanother just as He loves you, unconditionally.    Now all you have to do is start behaving in love as you continue to pray for His strength to sustain that change.  You may fail a few times before you get it, but practice makes perfect.   You will know when you have matured beyond your own ability because you start to give more of yourself than you may be receiving.   Without much effort,  you walk away from confrontations instead of speaking in anger, and things that angered you in the past may even become comical  because, with Gods help, you now see how childish some reactions really are. .

“Love (charity) starts at home and then spreads abroad” Sir Thomas Browne.  


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