In the midst of this chaos

To all of you who have lost heart concerning this whole political process, this is nothing new.  When we turn away from God, this is what happens.  Satan wants us to feel hopeless, helpless and even angry. Satan wants us to forget or not to truly understand the power of God.  But I am here to remind you that God Rules over Everything including satan and what we must do is repent and turn from sin,  pray (God’s Word) and trust Him to deliver us just as He did for the children of Israel who turned their back on God and His law, just as America has.

God desires a relationship with us, (that’s us reading and living His word, communicating with Him regularly, and praying), then we can say to Him that which His word says concerning our issues, Not because He forgot His promise but because a relationship with Him is what moves God to work on our behalf.

2 Chronicles 7:22


2 Chronicles 7:14



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