No Not One!

So, have you ever found yourself  being envious of the relationship you think other couples have?  Well, I have  but I also can’t count the  times I have been told ” You guys seem to have the perfect relationship” or “I wish we had what you guys have”.  “If walls could talk” you would see just how much alike we may actually be.  You have to understand that most of us put our best foot forward in the presence of others   We allow them to only see the best of us,  the happy, the fun or the affectionate part of our relationship while we are in the company of others.  So don’t allow envy of another couples relationship to destroy your own relationship because in most cases,  it’s not completely what you think it is!    

There is absolutely NO perfect relationship between anyone, and that includes me and my hubby. Ours like most, is a work in progress. 

Your goal should simply be to implement ideas,  language, and even activities, in your relationship which please you both, and which betters your ability to communicate with one another, that’s it! That’s a recipe for a wonderful relationship

Exodus 20:17


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