All Lives Matter

​Nothing is right about what happened in Dallas, TX last night?   During a peaceful demonstration,  12 innocent police officers were shot,  5 are dead,  ” They say” all because one young man was angry (overly emotional) about the injustice that’s is raging in our country concerning young black men being killed by police officers in other parts of the country.   Such a tragedy in both cases because the Dallas officers had nothing to do with what happened in LA,  but now their families are grieving for them, as are the families of the young black men who  have been killed. 

What the enemy seems to want right now is WAR.  A war between the races,  a war against our government,  a war between right and wrong.   

Something has to change,  as I heard a late night talk show host say, “We do more for animal rights than we do for human beings”.  People were outraged recently when a gorilla was killed in order to rescue a child who got into its enclosure accidentally, of choice.    Jail time has been issued for animal abusers, but none for any office who has been filmed killing a suspect they were trying to take into custody.

Lord help us to see past hate,  anger and violence enough to pray for change and to be active concerning change, until a change takes place. 
Please, please, please!!  Don’t allow hate to spread and take root within you. Stand up,  speak out and doing stop until a change takes place. 


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