Family Reunion Time

Well it’s that time of year again when Family Reunions are taking place and we prepare to spend time with family and friends we don’t see on a regular basis. Put a smile on your face, pray for patience; because it can be quite trying at times, so think about it this way; We deal with different personalities (spirits) each and everyday at work, church, play and even at the grocery store and we manage to show patience and kindness most of the time even if it’s not genuine. We must learn to never extend more courteousness, thoughtfulness or consideration to any one person more than another especially those of the household of faith Galations 6:10.

I taught my family this rule; “You had better never leave my house and show more patience and kindness to anyone more than you do to your family at home”. “Love starts at home and spreads abroad” 1Timothy 5:8.  If it is an issue from years past with a family member or friend that you are still dealing with, You are grown now, why not deal with that issue like an adult once and for all. If you are not going to confront the issue because you are good with it (you think) then act like it and function in the same capacity you would with a co-worker, associate or friend. With kindness!

Nothing that causes you to avoid or to mistreat another human being is worth holding on to.  Search yourself and if you just can’t seem to let that thing go, be honest with yourself, are you using it as an excuse to act badly towards someone or are you seeking attention or sympathy from others. Remember that God knows all and He sees everything,. We will be judged by our actions and we will give in account for our wrong, period! God gave His only Son for the forgiveness of your and my sins so why do we have the right to hold on to anything against anyone?

Now, as we all prepare to be with family and friends, pray and ask God to help you to be kind and show love. He looks over our faults everyday and still gives us grace and mercy. Try doing the same.



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