Build your man up

No man appreciates constant criticism.   We are created in the image of God, (Genesis), and our God desires our  Praise!  Praise for being our Heavenly father, the creator of the universe.   Praise for giving us Jesus Christ.

Now,  If we are made as He is,  it stands to reason that we too love to be praised for what we do,  just as our Creator does!!

Ladies,  just as we appreciate being told we look nice,  we are good mother’s, we are good wives and so on, we should be praising the men in our lives for what they do well, especially if they don’t  help out as much as we would like.  You know,  those things like helping with housework, dinner, and the kids.   Tell them how they make you feel protected and cared for.  Don’t forget to ell them how handsome they are.  In other words, tell them they are “The best thing since sliced bread”, as my mother used to say.    Stroke that ego,  brag on them,  build them up,  don’t tear them down. 

Now to those of you who doubt this could change anything, think about how you feel when you are complemented at work for a job well done, or when you are complemented in general.  If it motivates you,  it could motivate him to do better,  to do more,  but you will never know unless you give it a try, and not just once or twice but be persistent and consistent for a couple of weeks.  I think you will be surprised, at least I pray that you will.

Father’s day is tomorrow.  Make his day special.



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