Facebook and Instagram Envy

It seems as though common sense is a thing of the past.  Do we not understand that most people overshare on social media simply to see how many “likes” they can get in order to have their own personal “I feel good about me” moment.   They are trying to impress you, to get you to say “Wow”, They know how to enjoy life” or “They got it goin on”.  The problem I have with this is that so many people blindly fall into the trap.  They wonder “Why don’t we do more” or “Why don’t we seem to have as much as they do”.

Well, here’s some of the best financial, relationship, and marital advice I can give you.  Stop scrolling through Social media envying others and the things they post.  You have no idea whether the image you see is even true love and happiness or whether it  has been posted just to make you feel a little envious.  I know for a fact things are not always what they seem! 

 So live your best life, “do you” (things you can afford, things which make you happy).  Don’t concern yourself with what others are doing. “Keeping up with the Jones” will accomplish two things, debt and confusion,  and besides, it can seriously cause you to fall into depression or anxiety if you dwell on it.

Understand that people who overshare constantly hunger for attention from others!!  They have self esteem issues, they need your approval, they want you to envy them. 


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