Divorce in the church

Marriage as God has ordained it is under attack.  Anyone living in America these days and times can see this.    Just today, because I was not on schedule to minister at my church,  I decided to visit a church in my community.    What a wonderful decision.  The greeting I received as soon as I walked through the doors of this lovely worship center was so sweet.    I was very impressed with how organized, inviting and estetically pleasing it was.    Praise and worship service was wonderful although a little long.  When the pastor took the pulpit, I thought to myself “finally”.  After greeting the congregation, He asked that all the small children be escorted to children’s church because there would be some very adult content of which children should not hear.  Boy  was he right!  This was one of the most explicit sermons or should I say lectures I have ever been privealedge to be a part of, not to speak of during a Sunday morning church service.  

This minister understands that in order to keep a marriage opperating correctly, the marriage must remain fresh, exciting and yes, sexual.  He spoke about our bodies not being our own, not withholding sex, as well as how his eleven year younger wife  cares for him and how she cares for herself, making sure to always be pleasing to her husband and he to her.  He even talked about what he had to do to maintain his libido as a man of fifty plus years may not be as sexual as he once was (hormones for men), yep!  He spoke about men being selfish lovers and how a man can sometimes find a wife with most of what he wants in a partner but that he has the ability to help make her into the wife he desires even more through loving, honoring and respecting her.  If you have read anything I have written in the past, you know I agreed with that!! 

This was stuff you may not even hear in marriage retreats or conferences being discussed openly in church on Sunday morning.  Although refreshing, it was a little embarrassing at times because it was so “RAW”.   He was not out of order because it was well received by his congregation as there was a Q and A session afterwards and the response was overwhelmingly supportive and positive.  The pastor declared that it would not be the last time he covered this topic because the church is made up of single people who want to be married, married couples struggling and families in distress.  The church must address the issue of divorce in the church. 
 Communication, Healthy finance, Romance and Sex is what makes a marriage healthy, and when the marriage is healthy, the family is healthy.


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