Give it to God, He can fix that too

Phillipians 4:13 says,  “I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me”, but if you are only referring to spiritual things, you are missing out.   He can strengthen us, and fix things when they change in our marriages or relationships, or when it seems that we can’t deal with the simplest of things any longer, and as women, we experience strange occurrences, as well as changes in our bodies, moments when we just want to explode for no real good reason, and sometimes we do. We have so many emotions and mood swings, too many for the average man to keep up with, not to mention to deal with, and it can reek havoc on a perfectly good relationship.

I remember realizing this was going on in my relationship with my husband (more than once).  After trying and failing on my own time and time again, I remembered that God can do anything but fail, so I gave my issues with my husband to Him, my intolerance, my anger, and frustrations, all of it, and I watched God change me as well as my husband.  The more I gave my husband that which he needed or required of me, the more he gave me that which I desired of him in return, and I’m not talking about bowing down to him or becoming a servant.  I’m talking about loving as I wanted to be loved, unconditional love.

We put limits on God, as if He can only help us to find or to be found by a mate, and then we turn around and treat Him as though He has no business in our marriage and definetley not in our bedrooms.  He is God, He made us and He can change anything about us which we are not able to change on our own (no desire for sex, too much desire for our spouse, no attraction because of other life issues) BUT! He won’t do anything unless we ask Him to.  The bible is full of instructions on love, honor, respect, commitment, and the power of God to help us in our times of need.  If you want to read a sensual book, read the Song of Solomon in the bible, he talked more sensually about a women, every part of her body, her beauty and his love for her than I’ve ever heard anyone in this day and time express in such a way.  

Marriage is not easy and relationships change, it’s inevitable but we have to remember that not only will God help us in lifes struggles and protect us from evil and harm, He will give us what we need to maintain one of the most important relationships we will ever have, that with our mates, our spouses, our loved ones.  

Give it to Him, tell Him all of your concerns, your weakness, your issues, and then ask Him to help you to love your husband or your wife just as He loves them, unconditionally, always looking over their flaws and weaknesses but giving His best to them always, simply because He loves them.


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