The Power Of An Effective Prayer Life

My husband and I did something Sunday which we rarely do.   We went to the movies to see.  We saw “War Room”.  

What a blessing it was!. It is a low budget movie with actors I did not recognize.  It was sad,  it was funny at times and even a little corny but, oh how they delivered a powerful message for those of us who believe and those who may not.

The message was simple, pray for what you need God to do for you.   Nothing new right!!  War Room will cause you to stop and think about your prayer life, it’s effectiveness and your relationship with the Lord as well as your relationship with you family.

We make time for anything important to us,  please take time to go and see this movie,  I guarantee It will cause you to think about how you may have been treating prayer and how you can change it for your good. 

It’s a powerful weapon we have at our disposal.  Let’s make it work for us.


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