Focus On You

My pastor has a saying, “Stay in your lane” referring to spiritual gifts.  We will always run into problems when we desire someone else possession, (spiritual, physical or emotional).

Many marriages would probably not be in turmoil if husbands and wives would operate in the capacity in which God created us.  

My husband and  I were recently  discussing how  people who are married (male and female), especially females who are so unhappy in their marriages are so because they long for their husband to love them as deeply as they love, to be as considerate as they are and so on. … Well, we both agreed that it’s just not possible for men to love the same as women simply because of how God made woman (Eve was created from Adam to be a companion).   God made women to be nurturing, loving to her husband and mother to her children, tender hearted, and gentle.   He made man to be the caretaker of the land, the provider for the woman, the strength, the protector, The man!.

Ladies do not expect your man to be as affectionate as you.  It’s just not how they are wired.  Yes! You can find a man on occasion who is nurturing, caring and hands on, although rare, but it’s probably because of a  lack of those things in his childhood, something which has forced him to try harder to be more loving, caring and affectionate.

Just do your part, that which comes naturally to you as male and female and  pray for God to give you that which you are lacking.  Ask Him for that which you need in order to be happier in your relationship.  Most of all,  talk to one another about what your needs are.   None of us are mind readers, therefore communication is key to any healthy and happy existence together.

Genesis 2:18-24
1 Corithians 11:10



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