Alone time

When we lived in Huntsville Alabama, we were fortunate as always to find a wonderful church.  The Pastors wife  was our Sunday school teacher and a very knowledgeable woman of God.    I remember how she always talked about her early mornings with God.  I also remember  how  I made excuses for my lack of time,  how my life was so busy with work (at the  time) and my family, that I couldn’t always find quality time to read my Bible or spend time with God in prayer as I desired.  She suggested such a simple remedy, She said,   “If you really want it, ask God for it,  ask Him to wake you earlier than normal in order to give Him the “first fruit” of your day”.  Well, I did it,  and what do you know,  I started waking up at around 5am every morning!  What was funny, was  that it took me a few days before I realized what was happening to me,  God had answered my prayer.   It was a pretty simple request but amazing at the same time.  Even now when I wake early before day, I almost immediately start to pray.  It’s such a sweet time of the day with no interruptions or distractions,  just me, the Lord and my husband sound asleep.

If you want to give God more of yourself, more time that seems non existent,  ask Him.  He will do it because He desires your time, your gifts and your talents, but most of all He desires your time alone with Him so that he can speak to you through His word,  through your prayer time and meditation.  He will strengthen you for anything you will face in your day.   

I challenge you to ask Him and see “Won’t He do it”.

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge”… (Psalm 73:28)


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