” Children of Isreal”, They tried it too

When I wroke to the news of another mass shooting last night in Louisiana, I wondered about the safety of my family,  my husband, my children and my grandchildren.   With all this hatred, what’s going to happen to us and our nation??

If you are trying to “wrap your head around” all the violence, hate and tolerance of ungodly behavior which seems to have taken control of our nation,  you are not alone, But! we must realize that our Government is attempting to take God’s laws and prayer out of a nation which was founded on God and His Word.  Living in obedience to Gods word is what made America the most powerful nation in the world.  So if we take God out,  what does that mean for our nation?  The power of God is taken out as well.

We need Him, but He is, or maybe He has already taken His hands off of our nation until we turn back to him and cry out to Him as our Savoir and our strength again.

“Children of Israel”.

Read about us (them),  Exodus 20, 2 Kings 17


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