A Good Man

I watched my father in law pass away yesterday as I did my parents.  It caused me to reflect on life back when we were younger, when my husband and I were just starting our family.  I thought about how strong my father in law was and how envinsable he seemed back then.   I have come to realize as the years go by, nothing ever really stays the same.

 I used to love to go home (my childhood home), which is no longer a part of my life but death is a normal part of life, yet it is so hard to deal with when it happens.

My goal is to continue to live and make this the best life I can.   I want to make how I once felt about going home a reality for my children and my  grandchildren.    God has blessed us all with the ability to do just that, to live the kind of life we can enjoy and a life which blesses the Lord.   The key to doing that is to give your life to Him, live in obedience to His word,  and He will direct your way.   If He directs us,  we are less likely to go wrong.  

I am thankful for my father in law and his love.  He is the reason my husband is the good man he is.


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