A Real Man, A Great Father

I was blessed to have two very loving and very different fathers.  My dad, who was responsible for me being in the world, and my dad who raised me and who was largely responsible for the person I turned out to be.  

My dad (Step father) was the man who taught me how to carry myself with confidence and dignity.  To be respectful so that I could be respected, and he taught me to work hard by his own example.  Eventhough he was a school “janitor”,  he was one of the most respected men in our tough Queens, NY neighborhood. He was a big man with a deep voice yet a gentle, kind and caring soul who commanded respect wherever he went.  The day of his funeral was when many of our family friends found out that he was actually our stepfather.

 I got to know my biological father as a teenager.  He was also kind and very funny.  He loved nothing better than to tell what he thought was a good joke, my husband still tells dads “lame” jokes, lol!  I understand a lot about myself because of who I came from. Dad loved his family and would do whatever it took to help anyone  he knew that was in need. He loved being outdoors in nature, hunting, and making a yard beautiful.  At his funeral,  so many people spoke of his light hearted and caring personality and his distain early in life, for working in a cotton mill behind brick walls, not being able to see outside. That was the reason he became self employed, becoming a very succeful landscaper, (to be outside).

Life could have been very different for me simply because of my beginning but it’s not what “happened” to us or the circumstances surrounding our being here but, it’s what we make of our lives.  You could always use your past as an excuse for being less than, or the reason why we do what we do., But it’s only hurting you!  I could have said “My dad didn’t love me enough to try and be a part of my life early on”, but I didn’t because it is, what it is!  God had a plan for my life no matter how I got here, and ultimately life is what we make of it by the choices we make.  I chose to trust God, as a result of that He directed my life.  My beginning never dictated what I would become or accomplish in life.

 Don’t allow anything or anyone to hold you back from the greatness God has ordained for your life.  Your Heavenly Father loves you.



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