Don’t Be So Selfish

No matter what, I can truly say that my husband has always had my best interest in mind and at heart. He makes me laugh when he knows I’m upset, just to break the ice. He says “I’m sorry” when he knows he did nothing to be sorry for in order to resolve an issue.  I do the same thing, it just seems as though when one of us is not willing, the other is, (the power of prayer).  We each simply think of how the other person feels more often than not.

 “Invest in what makes them happy” Don’t dwell so much on what you’re not getting. Remember when, how they felt was more important than your feelings, your likes or dislikes. You made them a priority, you did what they wanted because you loved to make them happy, and their smile was reward enough. 

 Get back to doing what you did to get them, in order to keep them (old saying)😏


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