It’s Not Normal

The headline in national news (Bruce becoming Caitlyn) for the last couple of days has me shaking my head. Why is this national news?
Yes! We are to Love, Be Tolerant, and be Accepting of all people, but Do Not! allow Hollywood, politicians or the world to dictate to us, what is normal or  what ” The new normal” should be.   God’s word tells us how He created us, what He created us for, what a man and a woman are, and what marriage is, as well as who marriage is supposed to be between. But, just as we have seen, and are seeing in politics, Hollywood, and seemingly everywhere, people are deciding who they want to marry and what they want to be no matter how they were born.   

God’s Word tells us, if we want to believe anything strongly enough, He will allow us to. He will give us over to a reprobate mind, (those strong desires or thoughts), and our will because we want it so much, (Romans 12:8).

 Just because we believe it, doesn’t make it true or right!  God will never force His will on any of us, just remember what the Word of God says, “we are born in sin and shaped in iniquity”, so we will always have to decide to be good, to do what’s righteous (right) or to be obedient to God.  His word and His will never changes (Hebrews 13:8).


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