One Nation Under God, Indivisble, With Liberty and Justice For All

Just as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ willingly gave His life for our sins, so many before us gave their lives so that we may enjoy the benefits of a free country, a country not under the bondage of a dictatorship, a country where others come seeking  ” The American Dream”.

Today I am taking this opportunity to give thanks and recognition to all those men and women who courageously fought and died for the freedom that we so thoughtlessly take for granted. Let us pause and thank God for them and the families who sacrificed time apart from their loved ones, as well as those who serve unselfishly today, so that we may maintain that very freedom.  

Have you ever really took note of what our pledge of allegiance says, or what our flag stands for, (One nation under God with Liberty and justice for all).  Tell a veteran, Active duty personel or the families who have lost a loved one who served, “Thank you for your service”

Pray for our country


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