Lost That Loving Feeling?

Another vacation down, and we are back to life as normal.  Although it was sad to leave the carefree and relaxing vacation existence, it was so vitally important to take time out from life as normal to refresh, restore, revive us and our marriage.  Life can start to weigh heavily on you, and you have no real control over that. Everyone and everrything gets on your nerves, nothing seems to quite please you, and everyday tasks seem to become more taxing, overwhelming or un-important because you are simply worn out.
Now, I know vacations can be expensive but, they don’t have to be.  Vacation can be as simple as a long weekend away from home.  Get a room, enjoy the hotels pool and go to a good restaurant.  You can even be at home “Staycation” but that takes planning as well.  Try turnning your phone off, and disconnecting from the internet.  There are so many great deals to be had if you do a little homework.  Check out sites such as Groupon, Expedia, and Travelaocity, and if you are military, prior or retired, check out Armed forces vacation club.  
 The important thing is to take time away from what’s normal, for “who” is important, and enjoy one another, reconnect and restore what has been lost or lacking in your relationship.  BUT! don’t come back from that wonderful time away together, doing and being quite the same as you were before you left.  Keep the euphoria of vacation going for as long as possible.  Stay in “vacation love mode” {I just made that up} ;o) but you get what I mean.


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