All of me, loves all of you, Perfect imperfections too?

I was stuck this morning on what to write until I talked to my daughter.  We were complaining about our husbands and the things they do which bother us for no good reason at all (they are obsessed over their yards and cutting grass).  I have told her so many times that most little girls tend to find a man like their fathers in some way (subconsciously).  

 I will say this again,  YOU CAN NOT CHANGE A PERSON!   You may be able to tweak a few things about a person but for the most part, who you date, and who you fall in love with is who you will marry and that never really changes, so be okay with “all of wo they are”.

If you have never read “The 5 Love Languages”,  you should because it works!  You may get along better but you can use it as a tool in your relationship!   “You can catch more flies with honey”.  Just let your honey be who they are and you learn to be okay with it.  After all, they are who they are and so are you.  Why continually be upset about the same trivial things,  especially when you have not been able to change it or them thus far (preaching to myself) ;0)


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