The Fruit Of The Spirit

Have you ever found it hard to be in love with your spouse (I think it comes with the territory).   But! When I find myself wondering, angry or upset,  I pray because I realize it’s the  devil (the enemy) attempting to creep in and destroy what God has ordained (marriage).   In every committed relationship,  there will be up’s and downs.  You will get angry and you may say things you don’t really mean (we are only human).   Be diligent in battling these thoughts with understanding, and self control.   Be slow to anger and even slower to speak and always, always pray.

“The fruit of the Holy Spirit (God within us) is first and foremost love.   All of the other qualities associated with having the Holy Spirit flow from the presence of God’s love in us.   Joy is love enjoying all of the goodness of God… Peace is love resting on the promises of God…Long suffering is love waiting for God to show us what He desires to reveal to you .. Kindness is love reacting to those around you…and Goodness is love choosing to do what is right in God’s site…
Love through God’s eyes ”
Dr. Charles Stanley


2 thoughts on “The Fruit Of The Spirit

  1. Thank you Ollie for sharing, this is awesome how God has lead you to be transparent and open to bless so many homes. We are grateful for you and Carl and the ministry God has placed in your care. I will be praying for you all and that you keep the faith and keep posting from your heart to the world.

    April Byrd

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