Are We Doing God Justice, For The Sacrifice His Son Made

Gods promise is that those who love and search for wisdom will find it.  We must take responsibility for applying wisdom to our lives.  Those who walk in wisdom feel a responsibility for their actions and use of time.  They know they have been given a limited quantity of minutes, hours, days, months, and years.  They know they must spend those hours in a way that produces the largest amount of good.

They also know that God has entrusted them with certain material resources that must be used to maximally further Gods purposes on earth or do they?  Do we?  Provebs 10:13

My heart broke as I watched the news in horror Thursday.  Young men and woman slaughtered in a university dorm in Kenya.  It seems that it was a terroristic act against Christians only.  Yet we seem to not really be fazed by this very evil act.  Do we think we are safe in America where that sort of thing can’t happen? 


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