Got “True Love”

I was watching the movie “Frozen” with my granddaughter today,   when Oloff (the snowman) said,  “True love is putting someone elses needs before your own”. (Then I remembered I hadn’t posted my blog today):)  but what an accurate  statement that is.  Can you truly say that you know a love like that (with someone  other than your child).   Are you capable of giving of yourself unselfishly to your relationship or your spouse? 

If you are not yet able but, you truly desire to think of his or her needs above your own,  ask the Lord to change you BUT….don’t just sit around  wondering when it’s going to happen magically or something.  You must work at it,  be diligent in practicing selfless acts.    The Lord will reward you, especially when He sees you making an effort on your own (just as any good father would for his child).   After all, that’s the kind of love He has for us,” Greater love has no one than this,  than he lay down his life for a friend”  (John 15:13).  Our heavenly Father desires that we have that same unselfish love one for one another.


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