Customer Support Please

The average marriage is similar to a machine, a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, which we use everyday.   Every now and then they break, they slow  down on us or they quit all together, and a common phrase in customer support is,  “most issues can be traced to  “operator error”.  The average person will do everything they can to fix the problem with their device or machine  before they call for help ( customer support) but won’t give that same  patience, time, or energy to their relationship.

A healthy relationship can and most likely, will break down.   If you loved God and your spouse,  you made vows to one another before God, to love, honor, cherish, and yes “obey”.   If you meant it,  then more than likely you are committed to one another, you are willing to keep tweaking, tinkering and talking until you get it right .   There is the possibility,  it can work better than it did before it broke but sometimes it won’t!!  Before you give up on it all together,  ask God for His support,  His advice,  His help .  Yes! I said “give up”

On the up side,  If it worked once, it can work again, if both parties are willing to work at restoring the trust, love and respect that once was the glue that held your relationship together.  Passion can return or take place if it was none existant.   After all, God is The Creator, and a God of restoration.  


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