Are you listening to me??

You should always be able to keep it real with the one you love…..

I don’t know about anyone else, but when it comes to a serious conversation with my husband,  as I have previously stated, I am the talker, “the needy one”.  Soooooooo,  When I feel the need to have a tough conversation with my husband,  I also have the task of keeping the conversation going, and getting him to open up about how he may or may not feel concerning the subject.  It’s not easy, and usually after getting him to open up, I end up feeling bad for him or angry because he had a problem with me, and didn’t say anything. Yea, a problem with me!

Nevertheless! When you need to have a conversation with your mate, a friend or even your child (young or adult), choose a good time to have a not so easy conversation, It’s key and critical, then do it with an open mind.  Most of all, try not to become angry.  I know how hard this can be, because during those serious talks, I find myself constantly having to put my emotions in check.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, take a time out from the conversation to gather yourself, then go back to it after a few minutes or hours if necessary, with an open mind.  More importantly, Do Not allow yourself to stop listening or to become distracted while your mate is expressing how they feel,  in order to prepare a response to something you may have taken issue with.  Give your undivided attention to everything being said, and then if you need to,  respond once they have finished talking.

Talk often, talk about everything, talk about nothing, BUT most of all, listen to what’s being said and be sensitive to the needs of your mate, just as you would want them to do for you. 



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