Alone Time

I remember going through a really bad bout of anxiety after my mother died.  It was one of the worse times in my life.  I could not function, nor could I fix myself.  I couldn’t pray or feel as though God was hearing me, but God always had His hand on me,  He sent me help in the person of a therapist through Hospice, free of charge, no less!  She helped me to get back to the reality of my life.  I eventually healed because I was faithful in using the resource that God provided.

Worry, and Panic, won’t solve anything.  Acting out in anger because you don’t understand what is going on, or because you’re tired of your situation, won’t help either.   If you have had enough of the enemy having control in your life, get alone in a quiet place, where there will be no interruptions, early in the morning (your first fruit of the day).  Prayask God what is the reason for this time in your life.  You may not get an answer right away, but continue to make Him a priority in your life every day (read His word, pray) John 15:7.   Ask Him to guide you in everything you do daily.  He will!  

This simple practice will cause you to grow closer to God, to live in obedience, and before you know it, this terrible time in your life will be just a memory, and a testimony of what happened in your past to draw you closer to God.  


2 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. This really encouraged me this morning. I was sitting here thinking about what I could share with my daughter after our conversation on yesterday… This is my answer. Continue to pour into us! Love and blessings sis. Roslyn

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