A King, A Queen, or A Joker

There’s nothing better than a good laugh between you, and the one you love. I’ve always said that my husband’s sense of humor is one of the things which has kept us in love and together for all these years. He’s cute, and he’s a really funny guy, and yes, I’m a little bias (Smiling) .

If you are fortunate enough to have a loving, genuine, and honest person in your life, practice focusing on all of the positive they bring to your relationship, and less on the little annoying things they do. Look at it this way; If they merely annoy you every now and then, you should be capable of dealing with those annoying things a little better. We all must learn to be more tolerant of people in general, particularly if we love or, we are in love with them.

The “jokers” are easy to find in life, but the kings and queens are few and far between. Cherish them for the gifts they are.

“Hatred stirs up conflict but love covers a multitude of sin (wrong doing)” Proverbs 10:12




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