I Shall Not Fear

have ever noticed how you can be feeling just fine, going about your day in a good mood until you come in contact with someone in a bad mood, who is angry, or a very negative personality, and before you know it that great feeling literally dies, and before you know it you feel awful.  That’s why we should surround ourselves with positivity as mush as possible, and remember that if you give someone , or “something” the power to validate you, you also give them or it, the power to invalidate you. Other people are not the report card on your life.

Jesus only lived and lives for an Audience of One. John 5:19 says

This is something I’ve always tried to teach my children.  I am pretty sure they got it, even though my daughter had a tough few years in middle school with bullies, she turned out fine.  Now we are teaching our grandchildren the same principle.   If you teach them early not to allow people to label or intimidate them, they will be so much better off as adults.


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