What’s More Important To You

We are all so busy with life these days.   We are literally running from one thing to the next.  Sometimes after being married for a while,  it gets hard to feel the love we once felt for one another, we don’t feel as though we are loved as much as we once were either.  Well, in my own experience, prayer truly can change things. We pray about everything else, yet we sometimes  fail to remember that our God wants our marriages to be full of happiness, joy, passion and love for one another.

I was listening to my local gospel radio station the other day, when Life coach, Robin Maye, made a statment I simply loved.  She said, (in situations such as I described above),  if you are not happy in your marriage, ask God to give you a new spouse but ask Him to let it be the one you are with or turn it around and ask Him to give your spouse a new spouse and let it be you, because you love them, you just want some things to change.  God can do anything but fail us.
It’s easy to point the finger of blame when a relationship goes stale, but remember, for every action, there is a reaction.   If you are  pointing the  finger of  blame at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.  Your spouse may only be reacting or responding to how you act toward them,  the way you treat them or the  overwhelming lifestyle you are living (too busy).  Slow down, try to appreciate life with the one you’re with.

We will make time for those things which are important to us.


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