Blurred Line

Not how you think! God is not concerned with how many people are in church each Sunday or how much you or I even go to church for that matter. God is looking at how we live our lives, and every single thing you do towards building His kingdom. The only way to please God is with righteous living, which is how you build the kingdom of God, (being an example and sharing the love of Jesus). As a couple and individually, my husband and I are very aware of this because people have told us so many times down through the years.

People are watching you, they are listening to what you say, they might not know what living by Gods word is but they will judge you according to what they believe to be right or wrong. So think about it, if they don’t really know what is right, but you say you love God, the way you live your life could be what causes them to either live for God or decide, it’s just not worth trying. Does your life line up with Gods Word?


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