You, Do You!

It is said that most marriages end because of financial difficulties.

My husband and I were married for a few years before we could afford new furniture or a new car but folks these days want to have it all, and have it right now! I regularly tease my husband by calling him a “Cheap skate”, and “I do love me some him” but early in our marriage, it wasn’t so funny. His goal was and has always been that our family live within his financial ability. Yes! His, not mine, not ours, so as to never be in a financial bind or a situation we could not handle because of living above our means. Our goal has never been to be rich, but it has always been to live a good life, a comfortable life, and to be good stewards with all that God has blessed us with. He tried never to throw money away, instead he designated where it went (budget), so that it was spent with actual thought. We are happy with our simple life together and our ability to have what we want now, as a result of being faithful to God with our finances and the sacrifices we made early in our marriage.

“I think” one of the toughest things for any young couple starting together would be to try to start out as though they’ve been at it for years, keeping up with “The Jones”, the big house in the best neighborhood, the status car etc,. I wonder if they ever stop to think that “The Jones” just might be in debt over their heads or that there could be so much discord in their home as a result of trying to live a life that others will envy (above your means). Sad thing is, they probably don’t even have the time to enjoy those nice things because they are working so hard to keep them! I wonder why it seems to be so important for some people to have others think highly of them for what they have, more so than for who they are.

You can certainly make yourself content with a simple life until the kind of life you desire comes to pass. I heard a minister say that “Rich doesn’t always mean, an excess of money but, the ability to have peace of mind and the ability to get sleep at night, because you are not worried about losing what you have”. The bible warns, “It’s hard for a rich man to make it into Heaven, so be careful what you strive for” (I paraphrase).

Proverbs 23:4, Tells us to be wise enough to know when to give up on getting rich and be content with a good life (I paraphrase). Hebrew 13:1-5


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