Discipline your Dollars by giving them a Destination

This was a direct quote from a financial advisor, “Discipline your Dollars by giving them a Destination” because they don’t have a mind of their own.  We have to tell them where to go (not literally) but you get the gist of it, right!

This made me think of my husband and how unique of an individual he is. I have always said that he’s the smartest man that I’ve ever known (wide smile).  He has the most rational and practical way of thinking of anyone I’ve ever known. I often tell him that he has the gift of seeing a scenario from beginning to end almost instantly! Never had that been more clear to me than when I attended a conference on finance at my church a few years ago. I sat in the presence of an ex professional football player turned Financial planner/Advisor who was literally telling me everything that my husband had been constantly reinforcing in me for most of our marriage.  I came home that evening and told my husband that I needed to market him and his knowledge because that guy had nothing on him except, he’s making a boatload of money! (doing that thing I do to boost his ego).

My husband constantly impresses me but one of the most impressive things he’s done in our years of marriage (besides being a man of integrity, a great father and husband) has been to handle our finances so well that we are now practically debt free. He told me early in our marriage that we could not live above our means (not spend more than he made) I didn’t work because he didn’t want strangers raising our children. I was put on a budget and I struggled with it but we made it work. At points in our marriage in order to save and have extra money for things like Christmas and vacations, my husband took on a part time job while serving in the military full time. When I did work, we never included my income toward living expenses and we never increased our way of living. We don’t have a car payment and here’s why, once a car was payed off, he kept saving the car payment amount in a separate savings account instead of using the money for something else so that when it was time for another car we could pay cash for it, and not have a car payment.

It’s ideas like this that make so much since considering most relationships end due to misunderstandings over money.

It took time for me to catch hold of my husbands vision for our future because I was spoiled and I was used to having what I wanted but I’m so thankful that I conformed to his way of thinking. We worked through our issues because we wanted a bright future together.  It Worked!

If one of you is better than the other with money, yeild to the person in your relationship who handles finances better but agree on what the vision is and stick to it.  Stop thinking that you have to have Stuff to be happy and learn to live comfortably and within your means.   Proverbs 15:6, 15:16, 22:4


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