Forget about It! (In my New ork accent) lol!

Just in case you need just a little more on forgiveness, here’s a post from last year.  Now, I think I can move on!

Okay! When my husband and I have a disagreement, and we do! He often must remind me to, “leave the past in the past” or “let’s not go backwards”.   I believe it’s only because he would rather we just forget about it ; 0) but, he’s right, and I’m still growing.   If we are to forgive from the heart, we MUST NOT keep reliving the mistakes of the past. We don’t forget! We must simply choose to move past it. Don’t hold onto the hurt someone caused you, the disappointments or the failures that happened as are silt of it.  God forgives us everyday for our trespasses against Him (Matthew 6:9-13), and we must, as His children, extend the same forgiveness to others.
Make your peace with it.



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