Don’t Believe the Hype!

There’s a reason that Gods word describes the devil as “cunning”. So, do not fall into the trap of thinking he (the devil) can’t affect you or your life.

He exaggerates the pleasures of sin, while minimizing the consequences. (Heb. 11:24,25). Observe that phrase: “enjoy the passing pleasures of sin.” The devil approaches us with exaggerated emphasis on the pleasure we can enjoy if we yield to temptation. He is asking us to invest in something with promise of immediate return – but without telling us about the risk, the outcome, the ugly side! The devil is counting on the fact we will see the fun, the pleasure – the joy of a satisfied appetite – acting impulsively. If you stop and think; if you inquire; if you look deeply and consider the consequences , you frustrate the wiles

(strategy or efforts) of the devil. The devil wants us to act on impulse, the immediate pleasure of tempted behavior. (Roman 13:8).

Happiness is a state of mind, heart and spirit!


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