Spend Time alone with Him

While listening to one of my favorite television pastors, (Dr Charles Stanley), I remembered a change in my life when I learned the lesson of what this particular sermon was all about.

Dr Stanley spoke concerning the difference between loneliness and solitude. Feeling lonely is basically a feeling of hopelessness, sadness and isolation but Solitude is time alone, choosing to be apart from others, being quiet. God desires personal time with us in order to strengthen our relationship with Him. Solitude allows us to feel close to God our Creator. This worked for me in my marriage and my parenting. In the past, I realized that I needed to be praying and spending quiet time with God with “no distractions”. This happened while we were stationed in Huntsville Al, when my children were young. As soon as my day began, it seemed to spin out of control, I had no time to myself. I was constantly saying, “I can’t seem to find time to pray and read my bible like I want to”. I later realized my early rising was really because I truly desired to spend time with God. My time alone with Him (5am) every morning helped me to be a better wife and it allowed me to see where I needed help concerning how I handled my children. I yelled way too much in order to get my very hyper sons attention, At that time I thought It was the best way! I remember so well the very moment when I yelled at my son at the top of my lungs so much so that it hurt my throat! I thought to myself at that very momen, “this isn’t helping him or me”. That was the last day I yelled at him like a “maniac”. So much of my spiritual growth happened while living in Huntsville because of wonderful teaching and preaching and a desire to learn more and mature in my Christian walk.

Just give it a try, if you’re serious about your Christian growth and conquering day to day living, get away to yourself early in the mornings and spend quality, quiet time with The Father, thanking Him for His goodness, asking for direction and safety in your day (these are dangerous times we live in). Talk to God, tell Him your deepest thoughts, and concerns, your flaws and your needs. Ask Him for help in the areas you need help, after all He made us therefore He can fix us.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


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