Keep on Living, You’ll See

We will never understand God as we understand one another, after all He is God, creator of all life, the universe and beyond anything we will ever comprehend. While speaking on this very subject with someone recently, I heard a small voice saying, “That’s the reason sin entered the world in the first place”. The serpent (the devil) came to Eve and told her, she could have wisdom equal to Gods, that she could live forever if she ate the forbidden fruit in the midst of the garden, but God commanded her and Adam (her husband) not to eat from it (Genesis 3). Eve was probably content with what God had so generously and lovingly given them, which was everything they needed! but they yielded to temptation, and were both cast out of Paradise for their disobedience to God. They lost all that God had prepared in order for them to live a beautiful life with one another and in the very presence of God himself.

I also shared how, early in my marriage I was concerned that I was not living up to my full potential in life or in my faith, but God was using me even then, I just couldn’t see it as being used by Him, but we now understand that we left “God prints” every place the military took us for almost 30 years.

God is the creator of everything and we are His workmanship (formed by His hands), never were we meant to be His equal. So why do we feel the need to know what He knows, the way He knows it as our Creator. It’s still the devil attempting to keep us from feeling fulfilled, and keeping us from our full potential in The Lord.

The Bible was given by inspiration of God, and we are to use it to live a victorious life. If we put in the work (spending time with God (John 15:5), reading His word (John 8:31-32), and praying in faith regularly (John 15:7), God will get the glory out of our lives. “His Word is a lamp to my feet and light on my pathway” (Psalms 119:105)

I realize that everything I’ve gone through in life, every decision, every choice and even the pain I’ve experienced, has brought me to where I am today.

Just keep living, God will eventually make it clear to you. You’ll see!


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