Who do you turn to?

The life of a “Christian” would be so much simpler if we had the same type of relationship with God, that we have with our spouses or our best friends. We would call Him for advice when we don’t know what else to do. We would tell Him our deepest thoughts “cause”, that’s what best friends do. He would be the first person we think of when something happens (good or bad) “cause”, we just have to tell somebody. Well, that’s what the Bible tells us about our Saviour, “Cast all your cares on The Lord, He cares for you” 1Peter 5:7, “He will never allow the righteous to fall”, Psalms 55:22.

Confide in Him, He is the most trustworthy person you will ever know. He understands you because, you were made in His image, and He can really keep a secret too. I know because, I’ve told Him mine, and I have never heard them again!

He’s waiting for just that type of relationship with you. Give Him your all, so that He can give you everything you need to navigate this life successfully.

Galatians 5:22-23, Love, Patience, Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Gentleness … Proverbs 18:24, A friend who is closer than a brother
John 15:14, You are My friend if you obey my commands
John 15:15, No longer servant, but friend


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