Trust God and Do It!

The Lord gave me the another opportunity yesterday to share with some of my church family the testimony of how this blog came to be. It still is amazing to me, that I’m sharing my marital success and life experiences with so many on a daily basis, but it only happened when I ignored my own fear of putting myself out there (to accept criticisms and unwanted comments), but I began to trust God to give me what I needed daily in order to help others to get through relational issues in which I have experienced, and navigated through successfully. God is working a good work through our (my husband and my) God centered marriage (Philippians 1:6). I am grateful to be used by Him.

If you feel as if there is more for you, more you should be doing, there probably is! Ask God to lead and to guide you into what or where it is you are destined to do or be, then begin to move in that direction. “A man’s gift will make room for itself” (Proverbs 18:16).



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