Give and Take

In our home, we took the time to agree on specific things like family finance, interior and exterior home care. I like to decorate and he loves yard work. I like yard work too, but my husband deemed it “man’s work” even though I liked cutting grass to get exercise. He is the one who handles the money because I wasn’t as proficient at it as he is, even though when I worked outside the home, I handled accounts for one of the largest payroll companies in the nation, I was not very good at doing the same at home, so he handles most of the household finances. I am the “live in” housekeeper, interior decorator, cook and care giver.

I know this topic may seem a little silly, but these matters do arise in relationships and can cause problems if not addressed. The same goes for cooking, cleaning, laundry and so on. Operate in the area you are best at or most comfortable with and be willing to work together if neither of you likes to do a certain chore, take turns if need be, in order to make each other happy or to give one another a break from a chore that one of you may not particularly care to do. Some men love to cook and do a better job at it than their wife and you both may hate to do laundry so take turns each week unless you may be like me (a stay at home wife). If that is the case, ” In my opinion”, he or she leaves home to go to work, don’t make them come home and still have to work when you are at home and in most cases, if you are honest, you can get most housework done in an 8-10 hour day without being “on the clock” as the person who leaves home for work is. As I always say, “talk about what works best for you both” and your lives.

You must learn how to cooperate with one another just as you do in the work place (team work). It’s even more important to your family. Work with one another on simple concerns so that when those complicated issues arise, you have already had some practice concerning “give and take”. It is key and critical for a happy relationship.


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